This week I decided to stray away from running talk, and talk about friends on my blog. We all have them. Some are categorized into sub groups like work friends, shopping friends, running friends and the like.  Some we call our best friends.  When I think of the term ‘best friends’, they are the ones we only have fond memories for and perhaps love unconditionally. I am fortunate to have 3 long time best friends.  Due to me living outside of the city where I grew up, I don’t see them as much as I’d like.  We met around 38 years ago, in Kindergarten.

Time flies and over the years I’ve been in and out of their lives. I lost touch sometime after high school, and a few years passed, and I was out the door, living in Toronto. Strange things happen, and one night I bumped into Jackie in a downtown Toronto bar. “Well, hello there”…and that was that! Since that night we all got together and stayed in touch over the years. It almost feels like no time has passed each time I see them.  We just pick up where we left off and fill in the blanks of what we’ve been doing with our lives. I think I can base a strong friendship on that alone.

Here we are in grade school.  I think it’s grade 4.

Middle row - Me.  Joanne, two doors down from me, Tina in first row (under Jo) and Jackie in the front with the long blonde hair.

Middle row – Me. Joanne, two doors down from me, Tina in first row (under Jo) and Jackie in the front with the long blonde hair.

Time sure flies, and while we made it through grade school, we eventually got to high school.  Joanne went to a different school, while the three of us remained together.  That’s not to say, we didn’t part ways periodically through the years.  We were in high school after all, and we were each making new friends, hanging out in different school groups, and expanding our interests into different areas.  Here’s a group picture of us, on a windy afternoon.

Tina, Natalie, Joanne, Me, Jackie

Tina, Natalie, Joanne, Me, Jackie

I know eh?  The 1980’s were not too kind. All that BIG hair!

Last night I met up with them for a charity fundraiser.  We look much better now.

Boobapalooza-Charity Event Feb 28th, 2014

Boobapalooza-Charity Event Feb 28th, 2014 – Me, Tina, Jackie and Joanne

And we even had a little fun.

In the photo booth at Boobapalooza

In the photo booth at Boobapalooza

If you have ever thought about reconnecting with an long lost friend…think about seeking them out. For me, reconnecting with these girls, so many years ago, and keeping that friendship alive has been full of wonderful memories.



Run For The Cure

Who did you Run for?

Sunday October 6th, 2013.  Toronto, Ontario.

Run for the Cure 3

Thousands of people made their way to downtown Toronto today to take part in one of the many Run For The Cure events being held across Canada.  It was a rainy day in our parts but nothing was going to stop the courageous runners and walkers of this annual event. Here I am making my way into the start corral.  Aside from the many Disney events I’ve run, this by far was one of the more crowded events I’ve been too.  (or so it seemed).  And for good reason, of course.  Way to go participants!  And thanks to all the volunteers and spectators.  Could not have done it without your support!