Midsummer Night’s Run Race Recap

To run or not to run?  That was the question of the day yesterday.

Despite my hesitations, the answer was a definite “YES”.

My expectations going into this race were low. The goal was to finish. The one month I had to prepare for this race was not enough time to improve anything but the cardio I lost this summer. As well, the week leading into the race I was suffering from some pains due to last weekend’s long run. I know I’ve been pushing my mileage, perhaps a little too much to make up for lost time this summer. I have two half marathons coming up in September, and I really want to do well. Alas, I know from last night’s race, I am far behind my running goals. In fact, due to my injury this summer, I am behind where I was last year, when I wasn’t even working hard.

Mother Nature decided to give us a break from the rain yesterday as it had been raining prior to the start time.  We weren’t really sure what we were going to get. Due to limited parking, we arrived early to find a spot, and then sat in the car for about 20 minutes before making our way to the start area. It was raining at this time, so it was for the best. When we did leave the car, the rain decided to stop, and it remained clear until we arrived home last night. Lucky for us, eh?

The Midsummer Night’s Run is a flat course. It’s a great race to do for those who are ramping up for a half or full marathon in the fall as you can test your training efforts. There is a 15K or 30K race, as well as a 5K family run. The proceeds from the event go to Sick Kids hospital.

I have only run this race once back in 2012. For each race you run, you build up the mileage and receive a pin at packet pick up. Because I did the 15K in 2012 and 15K in 2014, I have a 30K mileage pin. My spouse has done it a few more times, so he is up to 75K on his pin collection.

Once we left the car, we opted to do our pre race pee. There was one long line up for the port-o-potties.
2014 MSNR Washroom pic

Lucky for me, I had my hardcore girl, race survival instincts on. Prior to leaving the car, I packed some tissue for those ‘just in case’ moments. That’s right….port-o-potties lacked TP! I was prepared! 😉

By the time we finished at the P-O-P’s we had about 5 minutes to corral ourselves. We found an adequate place to put ourselves in the midst of the runners, based on the pace bunny signs we saw. I knew Kari would zoom ahead and I’d probably fall back a bit, but it was a fair area to stand.

2014 MSNR Go Time

The race started with a horn to signal the start. The race didn’t put up it’s usual start gate as it was pretty windy outside. I would assume, the wind would have blown it over, as the start gates are usually a ballon (blow up) type material.

Kari took off, as expected, and I began trudging along the road.  I realized I ran my first two miles under 11 minutes, so I knew I was going too fast.  I slowed it down after the third mile, to just under 11:30 however, I was not getting into a running zone.  Somewhere, shortly after the 5K marker, the pain in my left glute area was intensifying, and I knew I was in for an uncomfortable race.  This pain has been an ongoing ailment of mine, and prior to breaking my arm, I had been keeping it in check, however, I suppose with the extra training over the month, it decided to come back full force.  Lucky me!

I dropped my speed for the next few kilometres, and hit the 10K mark at 1:12.  No records here boys and girls!

In the last 5K of the race, it really was just a matter of survival.  The more I ran, the more pain I had.  I broke my intervals between the 11K-13K and started to speed walk.  I seemed to have felt a little better after that, and then I began running again, and finished the race.  I finished just under a 12 minute mile average.  Yeah, not my best effort. (in 2012, I finished this race about 7 minutes faster)

On the upside, Kari did fantastic, with a time of 1:27 and change, beating his 2012 time by over 10 minutes!  WTG!

I learned a few things after reviewing my Garmin upload.  Firstly, going out too fast killed my recovery zones during my intervals.  Although I did not feel winded -In fact, I felt really good in that respect- my Garmin says otherwise.  My heart rate, did not really go down to my regular levels on my walk intervals and my average heart rate overall was way too high than all my recent training runs.  I can only surmise it’s because I went out too fast.  Secondly, I have got to work on my leg strengthening. Bring on the Glute/Hips/Hamstring exercises!  I’m not sure how I am going to fair in the next half marathon which takes place over the Labour Day weekend.  I was hoping to improve over my Niagara time from last year (2:25) but with this time, based on the McMillan race predictor, my half time would be 2:41.  Which basically means, I will have fallen back to pre 2012 times. *Sigh*  Lesson learned here – Don’t fall and break your arm during running season!  hee hee!

Happy Running.

Race Planning

The plague has hit our household this past week.  We’ve gone all winter without being sick.   Earlier this week, Kari came down with a chest cold, which has moved over to me as well.  He’s got it much worse than I, however, the heaviness in my chest and the frequent coughing has certainly put a damper on any running I could be doing.  I did manage to walk on my treadmill today while watching a Star Wars documentary for an hour.  Got 5 miles in, but walking is all I could do.  I know that running with a chest cold is never a good thing.  So I’m taking it easy, and hoping this will pass soon.  Kari is on the sofa watching The Avengers.  He’s got some lemon/garlic drink going on.  Which reminds me, tomorrow when I get up early, I’m definitely going to open up some windows.  Kinda smells like a garlic festival in here.  And who knew?  Toronto has one of those too!

So here I sit at my computer kinda wondering what I should be doing right now.  I know, race plan! We’ve been talking about which races to partake in for the upcoming Spring-to-Fall season.  We don’t have any destination trips planned for 2014 as we’ve already completed our two Disney events this past January.  We certainly will be doing some local events in the city of Toronto or nearby.  There is a handful in the later part of the Fall such as Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, Road To Hope and Niagara Falls.  One really has to pick and choose between them as they all fall within a week or two of each other.  During the summer however, most races are shorter due to the heat and humidity.  In August there is a 15k called the Midsummer Night’s Run which we have done in previous years.  It’s a great race for those that are gearing up for a Fall marathon.  They also offer a 30K, which I’ve never done.  Partly because it’s August and August in Toronto can be very humid.  I’m not sure I want to risk signing up for a race, in which I may pass out.  Truth be told, I hate the humidity.  Even last year, there were some days a 5K training run made me ill.  One just had to step outside, and they were sweating buckets.

ME!  Bucket Sweater!

ME! Bucket Sweater!

Since we don’t have any destination races planned, a race did catch my eye the other day under The Biggest Loser Race Series.  There will be a half marathon in Buffalo on August 31st.  This definitely got me interested as it’s early enough before the Fall races hit my own area, and also it’s relatively close to home so that we could drive and have a shopping/race weekend in Buffalo.  What else could a girl ask for?  Oh, I know…it’s CHEAP!  Two registrations and two nights accommodation is cheaper than the 2015 Goofy registration.  Hmm…more spending money to go towards shopping! 🙂 Now, I’m not aware of The Biggest Loser Race Series.  Aside from the name, I assume it’s just like any other race series.  I did notice in the registration details they give the most generous finish times I’ve ever seen.  I would assume, this is because it’s also called a Walk series, so walkers need the extra time.  I can’t find any additional information in terms capacity, so I have no idea how big a typical BL race is in terms of number of runner/walkers.  I expect it won’t be too large.  Perhaps no larger than a few thousand participants. Seems like a good deal to me.  Definitely going to think about this race in the next couple of days and decide if we have one more run-cation for the 2014 year.

Do you plan any weekend run-cations that are a short distance from home?