Men’s Hockey Canada vs. USA

Canada for the win!

Canada for the win!

Canada pretty much closed up business today to watch the Men’s Olympic hockey game between Canada and USA.

Somewhere, in the New York area, an establishment banned the sale of Canadian beer during the game.

Somewhere in Canada, a pub was serving ‘American Tears’ as the Soup d’jour.

Ahh, the fun we have battling outside the ice rink. 😉

Upon game time however, it was all about the teams. I was worried. The USA team looked strong during the tournament. Canada, not so much. When it came to the Canada vs. Latvia game, I started to wonder if the magic would happen. It did today. I am happy. The Canadian team got their groove back.

I realize it’s tough for the USA hockey team. They’ve been down this road before. Eager for gold, but coming up short in the last several Olympics. Canada has had their share of losses. Shut out in 2006. Or in the NHL, with The Leafs. We cringe each year, wondering, “Will this be the year to bring the cup back”. We know what it feels like.

I’m just glad we don’t have to bring Bieber home. 🙂

Onto the Gold medal game against Sweden.

My alarm clock is set for early Sunday morning. Going for Gold. Let’s make it a back-to-back win!