The Ugly Sweater Run Race Recap

Sometimes you just have to have a fun run.  So this week Living Social had a deal on The Ugly Sweater 5K for $22 bucks.  So why not dress in your favourite ugly sweater, and have a little fun while getting outdoors with a friend or two?  Also, while it may be a little early, Christmas is really just around the corner.  So before, I start shopping for gifts, I might as well get my legs in shape for walking the malls.  😉

This morning, we headed up to Downsview Park to participate in The Ugly Sweater Run. This run is a 5k out and back course, and a non-timed event.

Upon arriving, we had to pick up our race kit which included a hat, bib (with two beers on it as drink tickets) and a tattoo moustache.  We opted not to wear the moustache but enjoyed the hat with the groovy primary colours.  Plus it kept us warm. 🙂

Here we are prior to the start of the race donning our ‘Ugly Sweaters’.  Don’t we look stylish!

Pre Race - Ugly Sweater Run

Pre Race – Ugly Sweater Run

The weather was fantastic today with a bit of sun and around 8 degrees celsius. Perfect running weather.

I don’t really have much to report on the race itself, it’s a 5K after all. Downsview is pretty much an open park area; a relatively flat course, with a few gradual inclines along the way. There was a point at around the 3.5k mark where one could climb a hill to take a few scenic pictures, but this was not mandatory for participants. Most just walked around the hill and stayed on the paved path. There was a hot chocolate station and a picture op at one point with big blow up reindeers. Participants were also allowed to take their dogs on the course as well. Some even gave their pup an ugly sweater. Woof-Woof!

Here’s some of our highlights in pictures….

Start of the Race

Start of the Race

Holy Reindeer!

Holy Reindeer!

Hot Chocolate Station - Yum!

Hot Chocolate Station – Yum!

I loved these ladies.  Them there's some ugly sweaters!

I loved these ladies. Them there’s some ugly sweaters!



Ahhh...we're melting!  Actually no, no runners fell into any fires!  However the wind almost blew this on top of me!

Ahhh…we’re melting! Actually no, no runners fell into any fires! However the wind almost blew this on top of me!

Again, it was a fun run but I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that it was short by 600 metres from it’s 5K mark.  My Garmin was shut off at the finish (yes, I did remember this time to push the button-winning!) at the 4.44k mark.  All in all though, we did have a good time.  These fun runs in the midst of training for Dopey, help to keep me a little sane when I’m usually attached to my training plan and the seriousness that goes with it.

Happy Running!


Catching up with Urban Running Girl

Wow!  Time flies!  I looked back at my last blog post and realized I’d better get cracking at writing something new!  This week has been a busy one.

Firstly, I’d like to give a shout out to my American cousins.  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and perhaps in the midst of all the festivities and good food, you’ve had some time to work it off with a good run or two.  If not, perhaps you are running around at the shopping mall, seeking out great Black Friday deals! 🙂  Either way, you are keeping active!  Woot!

This week I took some time to begin the big clean prior to Christmas.  I’ve been working up a sweat, moving furniture around, dusting, purging some items and getting my house in order.  A whole day was given to the pantry as I had to reorganize.  It really hasn’t been that long since I did this, but of course, I had to go through everything one by one, checking expiry dates on foods.  As well, checking our current baking supplies so we know what to purchase for the holiday season baking list.  Unfortunately, I had some expired Gu sitting in the back of the cupboard which I had to dispose of which didn’t make me happy.

I did get my Christmas tree up this week (without decorations) on account of this guy…..


Don’t let him fool you.  He’s full of beans!  The tree went up as this will be his first Christmas with us, so I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t climb it and take it down.  So far, so good!

On a business front, Urban Running Girl has also been featured in the lastest issue of iRun magazine.

Urban Running Girl featured on page 50 of iRun magazine 2013 issue 01.

Close up of feature….

Urban Running Girl – Editorial coverage in iRun Magazine

Of course any additional coverage of Urban Running Girl in mainstream media makes me a happy girl. 🙂

Tonight I am off to see The Who in concert.  I don’t generally attend many rock concerts nowadays, however, this is one band that seemed to escape me.  Back in 1989 they played in Toronto and as luck would have it, on the exact same night, I had my high school graduation.  I’m sure they’ve played here since then, but of course, I missed that too.  So tonight, I get to pretend I am 18 again, and relive a moment I once missed!  However, with that said, I won’t be teasing my hair.  Hee hee!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend.  Happy Running!

Get Out There Magazine – Urban Running Girl makes the Holiday Gift Guide

Urban Running Girl makes the cut!

Get Out There magazine 2012 – Holiday Gift Guide issue

Get Out There Magazine is Canada’s source for endurance sports, outdoor recreation adventure and play!  You can view online at

Get Out There magazine Holiday 2012 issue Page 20. Highlighting Urban Running Girl.

As well, Urban Running Girl was highlighted on Get Out There’s Facebook page for Day 10 of their Holiday Gift Guide!

Go check it out!