Broken Down Running Girl

It’s been 19 days since I fell and fractured the radial head bone of my arm while running.  I went back to the hospital on June 6th for a scheduled appointment, had the half cast removed and the doctor gave me a sling to wear when I am out in public.

The arm looked pretty gnarly on June 6th. (one week after the accident)  As you can see, there was a lot of bruising in the wrist and elbow regions.

June 6th - One week after accident

June 6th – One week after accident

It’s been difficult to keep up with my regular routine.  Of course, the arm is broken.  I don’t have a lot of strength to do anything with it, nor should I do anything with it.  Opening jars, doors, or cutting food is out of the question.  Secondly, I do not have full rotation.  At this point in time, I can bend my arm at my elbow to a 90 degree angle, but nothing more and it does not fully extend.  As well, my wrist does not rotate around like normal.  Therefore, I can’t eat with my right hand as I don’t have enough bend in the elbow to actually reach my mouth.  I’ve wasted a lot of shampoo in the shower as I can only hold the bottle over my head with my good hand and squeeze it out.  Oops, way too much gets dumped on my head.  Nor can I brush my hair. I have to say, blow drying my hair and trying to style it, is probably the hardest thing I do every day.  It’s pretty awkward as I’m constantly swapping out the dryer for the brush.  I haven’t had a good hair day since May.  Oh, and speaking of hair, making a pony tail is out of the question.  If you are a girl like me who regularly puts their hair up, this is the WORST!

Sleeping has become difficult as I don’t get much quality sleep during the night.  I can only sleep on my back, and as of just recently, I can sleep a little on my side if I prop my arm around a pillow.  The problem is not so much the positioning, but my conscientious self, keeping me awake so that I don’t roll over on my arm, or fearing my cat might jump on the bed and walk over me.

I start physio on Thursday, so I am hoping I start to see some progress.  I have done some small exercises on my own in the last week and I’ve had better movement, but of course, I haven’t pushed myself.  I’ve mainly done some rotational exercises that look almost Tai Chi’ish in nature.

The bruising is definitely going away.  These two pics were taken today.  But overall, the arm is weak, and it will be a long healing process before it is normal again.

When I go to physio, I will also ask them about my hand as I’m getting some pain in tendons/ligaments (not sure what they are) in between my thumb and index finger – In the ‘V’ between.  It extends a bit upwards towards my lower arm region.  All part of the fall.

I am of course, not running which has made me a cranky girl these past couple of weeks.

Ok-enough of my cranky broken-down-running-girl rants….I hope you are doing much better than me, running the great outdoors and enjoying this soon to be summer weather.

Happy Running.


Tree Root 1 – Deb 0

It was a beautiful night for a run last Friday.  I got home from work about 7:30p and quickly got out for a planned 5K.  Almost a mile in, I tripped over a tree root on my usual trail and went down HARD.  In less than a blink of an eye, it was quick decision time.  Do I land on my head or break my fall with my arm?  Well, instinct to break my fall kicked in and I landed, smack, dab on my elbow.  The initial blow to my elbow hurt like pain I’ve not experienced.  I’ve had a few breaks in my lifetime and one dislocation.  This was way more intense.  I quickly rolled onto my back to get off my arm.  I’m not sure what I said during this time but I am sure there were a few expletives thrown in there.(sorry kids)  Just seconds before, I had run passed a lady and her dog and she came back to see if I was ok and also helped my up.  Once I was up, I was quickly able to figure out, (with exception of a couple of scrapes) the rest of me was intact.  My Garmin, iPhone and iPod were also safe.  So there I was, covered in trail dirt, holding my arm with my other hand, and walking back home; all the while wishing for an instant do-over to take those few seconds back in life.

After making it back home, I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and assessed the situation for an hour.  Do I, or don’t I, go to the hospital emergency room? Did I hear a crack, or didn’t I?  At about 10pm, I came to realization that a hospital trip was on the agenda.

Several hours later, I was given the bad news that I have a radial head fracture. Basically, it’s a fracture of the head of the radius where it meets up with the ulna and humerus at the elbow.  I was given a half cast, a prescription for tylenol 3, and informed that a specialist would call me Monday to make an appointment for my arm. (usually 10 day wait)


And so begins the healing process…..

Wonderful Spring Day!

It’s that time of year, when I am busy, busy, busy.  There is so much going on that I find myself torn in all different directions.  I work Monday thru Friday, so there is little time in the evening to get projects done, so during the week, I just keep up on daily chores, and find some time for a 5K run.  I’m sure many of you have similar scenarios that you can totally relate.  Planning my upcoming week ahead has always been key so that I am able to enjoy some time for myself for exercise.  Exercise, for me, brings balance to my life, and I’m all about balance.  Of course, unexpected things do occur, so I have to adjust.  “Looks like that laundry isn’t getting done tonight!”.  It’s things like that, I just have to let it go if it doesn’t go according to plan.  (hee hee, “Let it go”…I swear, this isn’t a Run Disney blog today)

A few weeks ago, we began our bedroom painting project.  The main room in now done as far as painting goes, but there is still much to do.

Here’s a before and ‘almost’ after pic.  The white wall is now purple as well.

We still have to remove the banister on the stairs below, and paint the wall leading up the stairs.  As well, we will be putting up a handrail in place of the banister, replacing some lighting, and putting up some pictures and shelving.

Once we get all that complete, we are considering removing the carpet on the stairs, and I may refinish some of the furniture in the bedroom.  None of this, of course, will happen over night.  It’s a work in progress.  The progress will most likely occur over several weekends.

Running has been tough the past week due to work obligations.  I’ve been trying to get in 3 runs between Mon-Fri, however, if I have to stay later at work, it just doesn’t happen.  May is the busiest time of the year for me, so I’ll just have to try and manage until it lightens up in June.

I did however get out today.  And what a beautiful day it is today.  I ran my regular park path and then had a nice cool down walk as I didn’t want to head back home this morning.  It was early enough, that it wasn’t too busy in the park.  I enjoyed the quiet time. Before I left the park, I went and checked out the ducks in the marsh area of the park. Most of which were sleeping or just hanging out on the embankment.

Spring training has begun, and I’ve laid out my running plans for the next couple of months. At the moment I am training for a 10K in June, so I am limiting my long runs to 5-8K, and concentrating more on speed work.  I intend to do this for the next month or so, before starting to add on mileage for a 15K race I will be running in August.  This year, I really hope to improve on my half marathon time in the Fall.  I am signed up for a half over the Labour Day weekend, however, I think it will be a hilly course.  Not one for a PB, for sure. So I’m on the hunt for a flatter course for mid September.  I have yet to decide but I have a few I am considering at the moment.

Do you have any running goals this summer?  

Officially Gone Goofy for 2015

We did it!  If you haven’t heard, the 2015 Walt Disney Marathon Weekend went live today at Noon EST, and we registered for Goofy 2015.  As of late this afternoon, the 5K, 10K and Dopey Challenge has sold out.  Wowzers!

We decided on Goofy this time as we are planning on staying away from the WDW resorts for a couple of days to take in some shopping and Orlando.  I’ve never really explored Orlando, and I love to shop when I’m on vacation, so this will be a fun addition to our trip plans.  We will still stay on sight for the marathon weekend, so we can take advantage of the shuttle bus to the half and full marathons, and as well, play like kids at the theme parks.  🙂

I’m excited to be back to run Goofy as it will be the 10th anniversary.  Disney has already leaked the medal and it’s fabulous!  If you haven’t had a chance to see it, check out the Run Disney Twitter feed.  They have it posted in their pics.

It’s a busy time of year for me.  Spring always seems to throw a bunch of different things my way.  My full time job becomes pretty demanding from April to June, the weather gets better, so I want to run outside more, and of course, the house demands some projects that I’ve put off in the winter months.  For instance, the next big home project is painting our bedroom.  Oh yes, it’s a busy time.  And while I can’t do it all in one day, I’ll just have to stay on task in the next few months.

I hope you are enjoying the Spring weather.

Happy Running!

Are you planning on running an event at the 2015 WDW Marathon Weekend?  What are your plans for the Spring?  Do you like to paint? 😉

Let’s Talk Nutrition – Blog Post #3

Katy over at her blog trikatykid reminded me I had a juicer as she was brave enough to juice for 9 days.  As with so many small appliances, I had forgotten about this long lost friend for some time.  So in the spirit of Spring, I brought it out again.  (I say “spirit” because as of this morning, we had a light dusting of snow)  While I have no intention of going on a juice fast for days on end,  I seriously love the benefits of fresh juice and I think it’s a great way to get in those essential vitamins and nutrients in one glass of goodness.  In a previous blog, I mentioned that eating healthy this winter has been less disciplined than I would like, so this is a great way to kick start a healthier eating plan for Spring, that will hopefully have a Domino effect throughout the season.

This past week, I went to my favourite organic shopping market, and loaded up on 3 kinds of apples, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, cucumber, celery, beets, wheatgrass, spinach, carrots, kale, parsley and ginger.  I don’t buy all organic, all the time, due to the expense, but for the purpose of kick starting healthy eating, I decided to treat myself.

Here’s a look at a handful of my purchased ingredients.

What I like about juicing is the fact that one can really pack in a ton of veggies and fruits in one small glass.  I could not imagine trying to eat all the fruits and veggies in one sitting. For example, just this morning, I crammed all this into one glass.

Quarter Lemon
1 medium orange
2 apples
Handful Kale
Handful Spinach
Handful Wheatgrass
3 carrots 


I don’t follow any recipes out there. I really just add what I like, and of course, some foods that are important get added as I know they have wonderful benefits for the body. Pictured above is what I made this morning.

The taste was definitely orangey, with a splash of lemon and extremely refreshing.

The other day, I made what I will refer to as a Lemon Zest :

1 Lemon
2 Apples
4 carrots
Handful of Wheatgrass
Handful of Kale

The taste was really lemony. If you aren’t a big fan of a really lemony drink, cut the lemon in half.

I’d like to emphasize, I try to put a mixture of veggies (especially green ones) in the drink as that is where a lot of nutrients lie, however, I don’t necessarily love the taste.  For instance, Kale, while I can tolerate it as I do try to mix some in my salads, I’m not a huge fan.  By juicing, I still get the kale, minus the flavour, as the flavour is cut or eliminated with the addition of apples, lemons, or other fruits and veggies.  Beet juice is another flavour I’m not particularly fond of, so I will cut the flavour with something like apples, and perhaps a bit of ginger.  No matter what you juice, you really just have to adjust the ingredients to your own taste buds.

If you happen to have a juicer, and it’s stuck way back in your cupboard, think about bringing it out.  Really, the only downside of juicing, is cleaning the machine.  But, hey, it’s a small price to pay for all the great benefits it can give.

Do you use a Juicer?  What are some of your favourite juicing potions?

Let’s Talk Nutrition – Blog Post #2

The human body is a fabulous machine. We need to fuel that machine. Think of it like an expensive car. If one owns an expensive car, one would think, they would take care of it.  I know, if I owned a Farrari sports car, I’d be ensuring it was maintained on schedule in order for it to look shiny and new.  I think for the most part, we tend to do the same with our appearance.  We like to look our best, so we buy ourselves some nice clothes, or perhaps get our hair cut or highlighted to enhance our own features.  Many of us might buy some makeup or go to a spa for a facial. Why?  We want to look and feel good about ourselves. Food is an essential part of looking good, that perhaps is overlooked far too often.  What we eat inside our body, shows on the outside of our body. Not just with weight, but also shows in the quality of our skin, nails and hair, not to mention our overall wellness and feel good on the inside, demeanor.  As with any sports car, if I had one, I would ensure I put in the best possible fuel it requires to run.  There’s no question I would not try to put diesel fuel in a car that requires a high premium grade of gasoline.  Would you?

So why do we put below grade, substandard, or chemically made food in our machine?

When I thought about what to write in this blog about what’s in our cupboards, I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed.  There’s simply too much to talk to.  I decided to talk a few key ingredients that we would find in our everyday food.  There are many, many more, so if you have one, or two, or even three to add, please feel free to add them in the comments.

Fake blueberries

Do you buy cereals, bagels, muffins or other foods that imply there are blueberries inside?  You see the box or the packaging, showing a mouth watering display of blueberries, you must think there are blueberries inside, right? Wrong!  In fact, many products that imply there are blueberries in the product, are chemically made out of  things like high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, sugar, and artificial flavours and artificial colours called red#40 and blue#2.  Watch out for wording on product like “Blueberry FLAVOURED”, which is just a way of saying, “This food sucks!”


“Colour” is a common ingredient.  What are these artificial colours you ask?  Check out this listing of some of the most common food dyes used in many foods we buy.  Here’s a little baddie that my spouse picked up at the grocery store.  (I guess he didn’t read the last blog!)  A closer look at the ingredients and it just says “Colour” followed by a word called “tartrazine”.  Tartrazine is just a fancy chemical name for Yellow #5.




Ahh sugar!  Both natural and processed sugars of all kinds are found in our foods.  I find it difficult to differentiate between some of them as well as many products we buy don’t list the kinds of sugars they use.  From my understanding, more processed foods are using sugars processed from corn, aka high fructose corn syrup which are found in many canned goods, sodas, condiments, dairy and baked goods.  I even noticed it was put in a vodka fruit drink I had in my home.  It’s much cheaper for manufacturers to do this as the cost is less than the real thing.  This low cost sweetener seems to be on the hit list of many health experts. One documentary I saw, had one individual call it’s equivalency, “Cocaine” due to it’s industrial process. Aside from concerns such as obesity and heart disease which HFCS has been linked to, apparently it is extremely harsh on one’s liver. For more information, read about HFCS here

It’s difficult to get away from sugar, even regular sugar.  While the body metabolizes it better than industrial made sugars such as HFCS, the quantity in which we are consuming sugar nowadays, goes beyond what the health boards recommends.  I like yogurt as part of my breakfast each morning.  As I look down at my yogurt ingredients, I see this little 142g container has 15 grams of sugar.  From what I have read, depending on the size of the sugar granules, this is equivalent to 3-4 teaspoons of sugar.  The WHO recommends eating 6 teaspoons of sugar per day or 5% of total daily calorie intake.  If you are a soda drinker, this already puts you over the limit at 10 teaspoons of sugar.  This guideline does not apply or include the sugar found in whole foods, such as fruits.


Salt is found in all kinds of food.  Salt can cause high blood pressure, heart issues, and lead to stroke or heart attacks.  As well as it being a preservative, it also makes things taste good.  I myself have really cut back on the salt intake however, I am sure I am still over the recommended limit.  Last year there was an episode on CBC Marketplace about salt consumption which I found extremely interesting.  They took a small sample of people from three different groups, many of which were active adults and thought they ate well and had a low sodium intakes.  After the tests results were shown, many were over the recommended limit of 1500mg of salt per day.  If you can view the episode, you can see it here

Non Fat-No Fat products

I stay away from non fat/low fat products.  When I want the real thing, I just go for it.  A non fat version just leaves me unsatisfied as the flavour is not the same.  More importantly, besides that, while a product may say it has no fat, it can also be loaded with sugar (sugar has no fat), starches, and other bad things like aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners. In fact, they may have more calories than the regular product.  The world of non fat or no fat products in my opinion, also make people believe they are eating healthy and perhaps buy more low fat/non fat crap.  Less fat = healthy right?  What some may fail to realize, is that there are some good fats out there too.  i.e. olive oil, avocado, and nuts to name a few. The body needs these good fats too!


If you haven’t heard it year, aspartame has been linked to a number of health problems such as headaches.  For a very explanatory video click here  Look for alternatives like Stevia.  There seems to be no stopping companies from producing products with aspartame and other sweeteners in their products.  It’s a billion dollar industry.  At what cost do we really pay?

There are a lot of other things in our food, I wish there was more transparency on the product ingredients.  While a product may actually be safe, listing ingredients as “natural flavours” doesn’t really tell me what it truly is.  It could be Castoreum!  While not widely used (so I’ve read), it’s basically a juice secreted from a beaver’s butt.  Yum, yum in the tum, tum, right?  Ha!  With all these big corporate companies putting out products that offer substandard ingredients, we have to protect ourselves by doing even more research. It’s daunting, I know.  I suppose a rule of thumb is, if you are looking for a certain caliber of ingredients in your products and can’t find them listed, don’t buy and look for an alternative.

Health experts are right.  Stick to whole foods as much as possible.  Get in your fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, healthy grains and the like.  For most people, it’s not realistic to be good all the time, but if we try to be good most of the time, hey, that counts too.

Obviously, I’ve just pointed out a mere few things that perhaps we should keep our eyes out for…there’s more.  I know this.  Feel free to add in the comments.  I’d love to have a growing list we can all share.