Who’s training for Dopey?

It’s been an amazing August in terms of weather for running.  This past week I’ve had several runs, logged in around 40K and feeling pretty good about it as I’ll be starting my Dopey training very soon.  If there are any other Dopey challengers out there, do let me know.  Would love to hear about your training over the months.

I plan on sticking to my marathon training program I used for Goofy 2010.  I modified it to incorporate two LSD’s back to back on the Saturday and Sunday so that I would get used to the fatigue.  Whatever distance I ran on the Saturday, I would run double the distance on the Sunday as it was a half marathon on the Saturday and full marathon on Sunday for the Goofy.  This time around, my plan is to also incorporate an emphasis on training from Thursday-Sunday, as the Dopey is a 4 day event.  As well, training runs and/or cross training Monday and Tuesday.  My goal is to finish upright and standing.  I want to enjoy the course(s) take lots of pictures, and enjoy my vacation so that I can participate in other activities in between races.  I’m really looking forward to January 2014!!

As the weeks progress, I hope to talk about my training, and share how it’s going along.

In the meantime, I came across these little dandies in the Loblaws grocery store recently :


These have been a refreshing treat I’ve enjoyed after my run.  If you are in Canada, go check them out!  They are made by an independent company called Chapman’s – A few years ago they had a terrible fire, but they rebuilt back their business and seem to be growing strong!


Tinker Bell Race weekend – Video Recap

It’s been a rainy and snowy day in the Toronto area so I’m still running on my Treadmill.  Here’s hoping Mother Nature brings us some warmer temperatures soon.  It would be awesome to have something above 5 soon like we did in early January.  Even if only for a day or two. *Crossing fingers

I finally finished my video of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend at Disneyland this past January.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and enjoyed some time with family and friends.  I myself was visiting family in Ottawa and Hamilton.  Luckily, I witnessed a little snow during Christmas in Ottawa as Toronto had none at that time.

Yes, I’ve been terribly absent from the internet in the last few weeks.  I primarily posted a few Tweets or Facebook messages from my iphone.  There were many times I was without a computer, and other times I was just busy with the holiday season.  Ahh life!  Things have begun to get back to normal again and I hope to create a blog per week. (at the very minimum)

Now that the holiday season is over, I’ve been back at my training.  I had to run on my treadmill for a few runs, but luckily the sidewalks have been clear enough this week to run outside.  I had a wonderful long run last Sunday, and I followed it up today with 6K.  The weather has been above zero degrees C, which is perfect weather for me.  Soon enough, I will be headed to California to run the Tinker Bell Half marathon in Anaheim.  Of course, this is a fun run for me.  I take a lot of pictures and video, so that tends to slow me down considerably, but it’s also a great way to keep the cardio during the colder months.  I must admit, I’m looking forward to the warmer temperatures as well.  🙂  If anyone out there is also racing this event, please let me know.  I of course will also be wearing my shrug on the race course (weather permitting) and in and around the parks, so if you do see me, please say hello.

Speaking of Disney’s Tinker Bell half marathon, I’m sure many are getting ready to depart to  Walt Disney World for the Marathon weekend.  For anyone out there who is participating in any of the races, have a fantastic time.  I’m sure it will be an awesome experience for you as it’s the 20th anniversary of the Mickey Marathon.  There will be much to celebrate.  The temperatures in Florida seem to be warm right now, so please keep yourself hydrated during the race.  I look forward to reading all the race reports.

If you are not racing this month, I hope you are keeping well and staying active.

Happy Running!

Scotiabank Toronto Marathon weekend recap

It’s been a very busy few days at the Scotiabank Marathon Expo and Race event.

Firstly, I’d like to personally thank everyone who came by to our expo booth.  I heard some wonderful comments from people who viewed and bought our shrugs.  It definitely made my day hearing these positive remarks.

Some of the remarks I heard at the expo (paraphrasing of course) :

“What a great idea!” (heard this many, many times)

“They are so cute”

“I could definite wear this for dance class as well as running”

“Perfect for my yoga class”

“This was my idea!”

“Love it!  Do you need help with your company?”

“Excellent!  I totally hate to wrap my coat around my waist when I get too warm.  This definitely does the trick”

“Great colours!  I just don’t know which one to pick!” (she opted for blue I think)

“Really like the material”

“I can use this for cycling too!”

“I don’t get it….oh wait, I GET IT!  That’s a GREAT idea”

And many more!

We definitely built awareness of the shrug as we also had a postcard printed with information about the shrug to highlight it’s use for running and other activities.  As a new company, I really thought this was a key piece to be able to distribute and many people asked for our online information, so I was glad we had it to supply.

The Scotiabank marathon was a wet one to start.  Unfortunately, it rained for the participants, however, luckily it let up during the race.  I was fortunate to be able to snap a pic of someone who opted to wear her shrug on the race course. (blue on the right hand side)  Congratulations to this participant!  Way to go!

I hope everyone who ran today had an awesome race experience.  As well, thanks to all the volunteers who tirelessly worked over the weekend to bring Toronto a world class event.  Well done!

Update-Run For Your Lives 5K

Just a quick blog today……

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was unable to attend the Zombie Run For Your Lives 5K in Toronto this past weekend.  However, all was not lost as I was given some pics from a friend of mine with whom I used to do improv with years ago.  He is not a runner, however he is a fan of Zombies.  He allowed me to share his day with a few pics.  I really wish I could have experienced this race.  Looked like they had fun!

On a side note, I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention, Jeff is part of a comedy sketch troupe called Asiansploitation in Toronto.  If you ever have a chance to catch one of their shows, do so.  They are awesome!

Getting ready for the race!

Jeff’s Zombie shirt

Climbing under the fence!

The Slide

I don’t think he’s a zombie….yet!

Jeff got ‘dead’

Zombies run too!

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been sleeping under a rock.  I see something in the news, or posted on facebook and I say to myself, “Whaaaattttt?  How intriguing, fun, crazy, and full of lunacy!”

Today was one of those days!

I saw this on Facebook :

Run For Your Lives 5K

A Zombie 5K obstacle course complete with Zombies chasing after runners.  If you are a zombie fan and a runner, who could ask for anything more?  (one exception: Jill, she could ask for Zombies running in Jeans as *more!) 🙂

If it wasn’t for the obstacle course portion, perhaps many runners would PB!  😉

According to the website, there are races all over in the U.S. and the one in Toronto.  If you are interested in something a little different that a 5K race, check it out!

I love the concept of this race.  Just looks like a good time all round.  I wish I could attend, however, I’m heading to NYC this weekend.  I’ve been promised a run in Central park is on the agenda.  Woot!

*So sorry Jill.  Yet again, I couldn’t resist throwing your name in there.  Comedy dictates, things are funnier in 3’s…..hmm! 😉

Yorkville 5K Race

Race – B&O Yorkville 5K
Date – September 9th, 2012
Benefits YWCA Women’s Shelters
Perks-Black Tech Shirt, Duffel bag, Get Out There Magazine, pamphlets, samples in bag for Lakota, Deep Relief, Florida’s Natural Nugget fruit treats, Water bottle, post race snacks and medal for all finishers
I was definitely spoiled today during today’s race.  It’s been a long time that I’ve received so many goodies in a race kit.

The race itself was held in the elegant & exclusive shopping area of Yorkville in Toronto.  The temperature today was excellent for running, and I couldn’t be happier with the 9am start.

The race course is pretty fast and I was hoping for a better time today, however, my stomach didn’t agree halfway through the race, so I ended up with a chip time of 32:45.  I’m ok with this as these are just the trials and tribulations of racing.  Sometimes it’s your day, and sometimes you just have to get it done, and work on the next race.

After the race, participants were rewarded with a very colourful medal.  I’m not certain of the significance of the tree on the medal.  Perhaps it just has something to do with the landscaping of the area, as I believe Yorkville is known for their mature trees and gardens.

Participants were also treated to local food fare from neighbourhood establishments.  I don’t think I can recall eating more calories at a race then I had burned.  From bagels with cheese, lettuce & tomato, to huge cinnamon buns, breakfast cookies, cheesecake, frozen yogurt & crepe samples, Red Bull, water and gum-it was definitely a lot of food.

Elite runner Wesley Korir and his wife Tarah also raced in today’s event.  Korir is the 2012 winner of the Boston marathon.  Today he ran a new record for the Yorkville 5K at 14:05 chip time.  Tarah ran 16:56 to place second in the female category.  It was awesome seeing these two athletes at this local event.

Over $52,000 was raised during this event.  All in all, a fabulous day to run a 5K!