Broken Down Running Girl

It’s been 19 days since I fell and fractured the radial head bone of my arm while running.  I went back to the hospital on June 6th for a scheduled appointment, had the half cast removed and the doctor gave me a sling to wear when I am out in public.

The arm looked pretty gnarly on June 6th. (one week after the accident)  As you can see, there was a lot of bruising in the wrist and elbow regions.

June 6th - One week after accident

June 6th – One week after accident

It’s been difficult to keep up with my regular routine.  Of course, the arm is broken.  I don’t have a lot of strength to do anything with it, nor should I do anything with it.  Opening jars, doors, or cutting food is out of the question.  Secondly, I do not have full rotation.  At this point in time, I can bend my arm at my elbow to a 90 degree angle, but nothing more and it does not fully extend.  As well, my wrist does not rotate around like normal.  Therefore, I can’t eat with my right hand as I don’t have enough bend in the elbow to actually reach my mouth.  I’ve wasted a lot of shampoo in the shower as I can only hold the bottle over my head with my good hand and squeeze it out.  Oops, way too much gets dumped on my head.  Nor can I brush my hair. I have to say, blow drying my hair and trying to style it, is probably the hardest thing I do every day.  It’s pretty awkward as I’m constantly swapping out the dryer for the brush.  I haven’t had a good hair day since May.  Oh, and speaking of hair, making a pony tail is out of the question.  If you are a girl like me who regularly puts their hair up, this is the WORST!

Sleeping has become difficult as I don’t get much quality sleep during the night.  I can only sleep on my back, and as of just recently, I can sleep a little on my side if I prop my arm around a pillow.  The problem is not so much the positioning, but my conscientious self, keeping me awake so that I don’t roll over on my arm, or fearing my cat might jump on the bed and walk over me.

I start physio on Thursday, so I am hoping I start to see some progress.  I have done some small exercises on my own in the last week and I’ve had better movement, but of course, I haven’t pushed myself.  I’ve mainly done some rotational exercises that look almost Tai Chi’ish in nature.

The bruising is definitely going away.  These two pics were taken today.  But overall, the arm is weak, and it will be a long healing process before it is normal again.

When I go to physio, I will also ask them about my hand as I’m getting some pain in tendons/ligaments (not sure what they are) in between my thumb and index finger – In the ‘V’ between.  It extends a bit upwards towards my lower arm region.  All part of the fall.

I am of course, not running which has made me a cranky girl these past couple of weeks.

Ok-enough of my cranky broken-down-running-girl rants….I hope you are doing much better than me, running the great outdoors and enjoying this soon to be summer weather.

Happy Running.


10 thoughts on “Broken Down Running Girl

  1. Hopefully the PT & OT will help you get that range of motion and dexterity back. That bruise was horrible! Good luck!! 🙂

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