Getting Crafty with Running Bling

I decided to get crafty this past week and do something with my Walt Disney World running bling.  While I love what Fond Memories can do in terms of a professional shadow box, I decided to save a little dough this time around, and try my hand at creating my own shadow box.

Michaels was having a sale on shadow boxes this month, so I purchased two for the price of one.  Since Kari and I both have the Dopey and Tinker Bell race medals this year, I thought it would be a bit redundant to create two of the same shadow boxes; therefore, I’m just making one of each race weekend.  I downloaded our certificates from the Run Disney website, and I am using them within each box.

It took a while to get the ‘perfect fit’.  I must of tried 20 different layouts.  I’m one of those people who like equal sides, and figuring out a layout that wasn’t too heavy or busy on one side versus the other was making me crazy.  I finally found a layout I could live with.  It was a challenge with the Dopey medals as I underestimated the size of the shadow box vs the size of the medals.  As well, I had to fit in the certificates.  I first tried hanging the medals from the top of the box, however, soon realized, even staggering the medals in a hanging position within the box, would not work.  I then removed all the ribbons and proceeded to lay out the medals in some kind of order.  I felt that the Dopey and Goofy medals were the highlight of the six, so they are up against the black background.  The others I placed on top of the ribbons.  I would have liked to have fit them level across the box, however, the marathon and 5k medals are bigger than the others, so I had to stagger the middle two to be able to fit everything in.  HA!  Who ever complained about medals being too big?  (shadow box makers, that’s who!) Tons of two sided, heavy duty sticking tape was used under the medals and the ribbon.  Oh boy, let’s hope they stay!  🙂

One down, another to go at a later date.  What do you think?  Have you attempted your own running medal shadow box? 

2014 Dopey Challenge Shadow Box

2014 Dopey Challenge Shadow Box


12 thoughts on “Getting Crafty with Running Bling

    • Thanks. Yeah, taking the ribbons off was really done out of necessity, but it worked! And of course, can’t beat the price tag. (all in, about $50 vs. $300 for a professionally made one) Wheeeee! 🙂

  1. That looks great! You’ve got me thinking because I currently hang all mine on those removable hooks they advertise around Christmas but I always pick up the free art print at the expo so this would be a good way to use it without paying $100+ for them to do it…

    did you cut the ribbons at all? how did you get them to lay nice and flat like that?

    • Hey there. The Disney medals have velcro on the ribbons, so it’s easily detachable without having to cut them. Once I removed the ribbon, I folded it together with the portion of the ribbon that I wanted to be seen. I then laid it out on the back, inside the shadow box. Once I had them all laid out, I used double sided tape. The kind you can get in Michaels-it’s advertises itself as being ‘heavy duty’, upwards of holding two pounds. Comes in a roll. I snipped off small pieces and used some in between the two ribbons to hold them together, so they would not slide and then used additional tape on the very back to attach to the shadow box. I again used the same tape on the back of each medal. I have not hung it yet as I’ve been waiting to ensure it’s secure. So far so good as I’ve had the shadow box sitting upright in my den. As well, because I did not want to cut the ribbons, there is a small portion of each one hanging outside the back of the frame. I was able to still secure the back to the frame. Hope that helps.

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