Another race from Run Disney?

What do you think this is?



10 thoughts on “Another race from Run Disney?

      • No, not at all. I’m partial to Star Wars as it was a huge influence on my childhood. From movies, to action figures and bubble gum cards. The movie itself stands the test of time. I was never a huge comic book fan as a kid, with exception to Archie. As an adult, I got more into comic characters, largely due to my spouse, who is a huge fanboy. Whatever the race is, I’m sure it will draw many men who feel a little put off by Princess and Tink themed races. 🙂

  1. Can’t wait to find out…so exciting! I’ll be running my 1st runDisney at the Disneyland double dumbo dare…can’t wait!!

    • I totally agree with you. Thinking it will be in January 2015 in Disneyland. I also think WDW will eventually do a Star Wars themed race as it seems the park is ramping up the Star Wars May weekends, as they just announced they were adding another weekend. My thought, is that they will eventually drop the Everest Challenge in May at WDW, and introduce the Star Wars race. Perhaps not yet, but in the future. Perhaps they will even introduce a new C2C if/when that comes into effect. (Marvel+Star Wars). Total speculation, however, that’s my personal thoughts.

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