When exactly does the marathon start?

I must admit, I keep my eyes open when it comes Run Disney information.  As well, I read multiple Facebook pages devoted to the events to keep informed on people’s opinions and travel plans.

As much as I benefit from others’ insights in terms of helpful tips, some of it has started to wear me down and here’s why….

Annual Pass and DVC members have the benefit to register a week early for races.  I am not one of them. *sigh*

People are reserving Disney World and local Disneyland hotels prior to registering for a race 9-10 months out.  Despite the fact that Run Disney offers special packages for participants after registration begins.  I’ve read multiple people have already booked their hotel and flight for the Wine and Dine in November, and registration doesn’t open until March 4, 2014.

Registration for Run Disney events go online at their designated day and time and some sell out within an hour.

Sure, I have plans for 2015.  I am hoping to register for a Dopey Challenge repeat, as well as other Disney events.  Have I started to plan for it?  In my mind I have.

Given the current environment which seems madder than a Mad Hatter, I’m starting to write down budgets, research hotels, figure out accommodation plans and search out current prices for airline tickets.  This is all for 2015.  I haven’t even thought about this year’s vacation.  But then again, I don’t have any more Disney races planned.

I almost feel like Mr. Rabbit.  I’m late!

Do I need a plan of attack?  I think I do.

I’m starting to feel like I’m at one of those crazy bridal gown sales where all the brides stand at the front of the store, in anticipation; waiting for the guard to let them attack run and stock pile the multiple racks of gowns, looking for a deal on a wedding dress.  With no guarantees that by the time I get in, I’ll find my perfect dress.  Or any dress for that matter. This to me, is true TERROR!

I’ve started to realize, the marathon doesn’t start at the time of the race.  The marathon starts months in advance during the registration process.  It compels me to take a vacation day off work, so that I am sitting at my home computer, waiting for hunting season to begin.  aka April 22nd at 12pm EST.

Must channel my inner Merida.  With my bow cocked mouse in hand, I’ll shoot click off rounds of information and hope that the URLs click seamlessly without hesitation.  Who knows what craziness could unfold when thousands of people are registering on a site at the same time.  I hope I hit a bullseye!

In the spirit of the Olympics, registration is almost a qualifying event.  You can’t go to the big event unless you train-and I’m not even referring to actual running itself.  Check your equipment.  Internet working ok?-not the right time to forget paying a bill.  Ensure you’ve trained on the race course, AKA: know how to navigate on active.com.  Wait for the gun to go off-12pm EST/9am PST.  READY!  SET!  GO!

If you qualify, you make the podium.  We all get medals for finishing a Run Disney race.

Ahh…Countdown begins.  65 days to GO TIME!


Time to go running to burn off the anxiety. 😉

Any one else having sleepless nights over registration?  How early are you booking your travel plans?


14 thoughts on “When exactly does the marathon start?

  1. Good luck getting in! I never used to have to worry about it, but now with races filling up so fast, and with fees increasing each month, you really to have to register waaay in advance. Crazy!

    • While I’m glad that so many people have taken up running to get fit, I sure have seen quite a surge in race prices in the last couple of years in my local area. I definitely don’t do as many races as I used to as I just can’t justify the cost.

  2. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m one of those people and it saved me a LOT of money. A lot. Plus it made saving for it that much easier. I believe in the power of the spreadsheet, and while I was compiling one to see how much Disneyland would cost and if I could swing it it sold out so basically the spreadsheet saved me from myself.

  3. I had to laugh b/c that was so me waiting to register for the WDW 1/2 earlier this month. I stalked the pages, then got online hours early to keep “checking” in case I was wrong on the time, it opened early, or some other calamity occurred. When the clock stuck and registration opened I was panicked my fingers weren’t moving fast enough. My heart was beating, I was almost sweating, in retrospect it was HILARIOUS! But…I got in…and I’m sure I’ll be addicted and doing this again soon! So good luck (and you are in good company)


  5. Oh, my gosh, this is so true. I get heart palpitations when I log on, wondering how full registration is going to be already! You see all kinds when it comes to the trip planning. I’m a Disney travel agent, and for the Princess weekend, I had a client contact me the night before the expo wanting to find a room for her sister who decided to come cheer her on at the last minute. I’m pretty sure she either bunked in the bathtub or the floor. There is nothing to be had on an event weekend that late in the game!

    • My biggest fear is that my internet service crashes while trying to register. Once and a while it does, (don’t know why)….it’s would definitely not be a good day if that occurred. WOW!~ Someone actually looking for a room the just before the race weekend? Insane!

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