Never Land 5k -Tinker Bell Race Weekend

Friday January 17th kicked off our 3 day running spree at Disneyland.  We were super happy we got to sleep in.  Sleeping in meant we didn’t have to wake up until 4am.  This was a luxury to us in comparison to Walt Disney World.  The Never Land 5k was to start at 5:45am so we made our way out our hotel door at 5am.  It was a short walk across the street towards Main Street inside Disneyland.  Participants made their way to corrals during this time.  Although Disney does ask participants to corral themselves according to their pace, most don’t and upon arrival, seed themselves in the next available corral. When we arrived, we were able to place ourselves in C however we soon found ourselves stumbling to run once we began our race.

Pirates "Argh"

Pirates “Argh”

Start of Never Land 5k

Start of Never Land 5k

I always enjoy the start of the race as they play the Disney theme song and Tinker Bell flys out of no where (or Never Land if you prefer).  She is suspended on wires and zooms around the castle. Remember when you used to watch The Wonderful World of Disney on TV and Tinker Bell would come out and fly around the castle? It was kind of like that! Cool eh?

Once we were off, we made our way through Disneyland. It was still pretty dark. Disney had some props out and we took a few pics of them as well as Toon Town.

Disneyland in the dark!

Disneyland in the dark!

One of the fun photo ops was at It’s a Small World. It’s one of my most favourite visuals at Disneyland. Bright lights, big city? Nope, it’s just a small world after all.

Once we made our way through Disneyland, we soon entered California Adventure.



We made ourselves around Hollywood Land, Cars Land, Pacific Wharf and Paradise Pier. The Mickey ferris wheel and lights is always a wonderful sight.

Soon we found the end of our 5k adventure. We received our medal and picked up our snack box and drinks. Before we left, we were sure to take a few celebratory pics over looking the water.

Never Land 5k complete!

Never Land 5k complete!

All in a days work right? Really it was only around 7am. It was time to shower and change for our big day. We returned to the expo and then spent the rest of the afternoon at California Adventure.

Next up on our Tinker Bell running trio – Tinker Bell 10K.


10 thoughts on “Never Land 5k -Tinker Bell Race Weekend

    • I enjoy the Tinker Bell race weekend. I’ve attended all the races since it’s inaugural year in 2012. If all goes well for us, we will be back to the Disneyland Half in 2015. I’m curious to see how it’s changed since I’ve last been there in 2010. Obviously, due to the recent registration frenzy the other day for 2014, it’s hugely popular now. Wasn’t as crazy back then to register for a Disney Run.

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