And the Walt Disney World Journey Continues…

As soon as I rested my head a top my pillow on Wednesday night, the alarm sounded and it was 3:45am on Thursday morning.  Or at least it felt that way!  Time to arise and prepare for the 2014 WDW 5K Family Fun Run.  I have a bit of a routine for race days when I’m away from home….

Step 1 – Make my way to the coffee maker and prepare my one cup – compliments of the resort.
Step 2 – Down a bottle of water.

Once those two critical items are complete, I can get dressed.  If you are wondering about Step 1 and 2 being my first priorities, it’s merely that I have a bladder the size of a pea (or so I have been informed by my better half).  By the time I’m ready to leave the hotel, I will have made my three trips to the washroom.  😉

We left the resort room just before 5am and promptly got on the bus.  It was a short drive to the start area. As we departed the bus, we slowly walked towards the main area where the runners were gathered.  We saw some excellent costumes that morning.  The 5K always brings out the best costumes.

WDW 5K collage

Top Left – One of many corrals, UP characters, Evil Queen, Snow White, Santa, and Dopey
Middle – Lumiere, Pirate, A couple more pirates 😉
Bottom – Start of race

We hung around the main area and then slowly made our way to our designated corral. We were in C corral, so we didn’t have too much time to wait before we were off. The race start was well organized. One by one, each corral was lead to the start area. I’m not entirely sure how many minutes went by before we were lead to the start, but it seemed quick enough. Each corral had their own personal start where the announcer would prompt the runners with a “Runners, Set, GO!”

And then we were off.

Now, I’ve never had a lot of goals during a Disney 5K race. They tend to be overly crowded and the respected rule of, walk on the right, run on the left is never adhered to. I come with no expectations other than to finish. We ran some, and then walked some due to being blocked on the course. I didn’t mind much as I knew I had 3 more days of running, and over exerting myself on a 5K was not on my agenda. According to my Garmin, we finished just over 38 minutes. Not a PR by any account.

Our first race completed. The Pluto medal was ours to have and to hold, and to bend in any angular position we pleased. (did I mention it was rubber?)

3 more races to go.

Standing in C corral waiting for our turn to run.  End on race with Pluto!

Standing in C corral waiting for our turn to run. End of race with Pluto!

After the race, we had to quickly make it back to our resort so we could get ready for our Character Breakfast at the Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom. The Tusker House was a lot of fun as Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Daisy joined us several times for picture ops while we buffeted on breakfast fare till we could buffet no more. We also had a pleasant surprise by Joe who worked at the Animal Kingdom. He approached us in the restaurant and invited us to the Animal Kingdom daily parade. No big deal, right? But it wasn’t just to watch the parade…it was to be IN the parade!!! How cool is that? The funny thing about this experience was that this was not the first time we were randomly approached to do this. In 2010, we were also asked to participate. It was so much fun that we jumped at the chance to do it again. (but shhh, don’t tell a Disney cast member, cause we didn’t share that info with them when asked) Unfortunately, on this particular day it rained later that afternoon, so we postponed our parade participation till Saturday. I’ll have more on that in a later blog. Afterwards, we found Pluto to show him our Pluto 5K medal. He was really proud. 😉

Photo with Pluto and Goofy Photo with Mickey at Tusker House

Photo with Pluto and Goofy
Photo with Mickey at Tusker House

As mentioned, the late afternoon brought in some rain so we left AK to make our way to the resort. We had reservations at the Maya Grill, which luckily was at our own resort. I was really pleased with my steak and chicken fajita skillet, served with beans, rice and corn soufflé (which was perfecto).

maya grill

And what meal isn’t complete without some fried ice cream? Oh yeah, we had that too!

Our second day at Walt Disney World was complete. The night was getting on and it was past our bed time. (our bedtime is no later than 9pm on these trips) It was time to prepare for the 10K Minnie race the following day. We headed back to our resort.

Next up, Friday – Minnie 10K and the Magic Kingdom


3 thoughts on “And the Walt Disney World Journey Continues…

    • That’s part of the Dopey Challenge isn’t it? Not only are we running ourselves ragged through the parks each day, but also walking around and enjoying the theme parks in the off hours….when one should probably be napping. I think I fell asleep a couple of times walking to Downtown Disney! 😉

      • Haha! We were (mostly) smart and waited until after the full to visit the parks. Luckily my sis works for Disney, so we could pick and choose where/when we wanted to visit (for free)!

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