Walt Disney World – 4 More Sleeps!

Are we excited yet?  I can’t believe we are just days away from making our way to Walt Disney World, to begin our 2014 Dopey adventure.

I started preparing my packing today.  Putting clothes in several piles from “may take”, to “must take”.  Of course, my running costumes, have a special pile of their own.  I may just pack them in my carry on for safe travels.  “Yes, sir airport security man….this is what I run in.  A pirate wig and a sparkly skirt.”  I’m fine with a little embarrassment if it beats from my costumes being lost in baggage check.

So much to do in the next few days.  I’m not sure if I’ll get much rest.  I have to finish packing tomorrow as I have two full days of work (and then some) Monday and Tuesday, so there is no telling when I will get home.

I was able to get on the treadmill today and got 5K in.  Legs feel pretty good.

Then I was looking for some inspiration, and I went to my 2010 and 2012 Disney World videos.

I’ll be reminiscing the next couple of days, envisioning the finish of each and every race.

Where do you find your inspiration when preparing for a race?


6 thoughts on “Walt Disney World – 4 More Sleeps!

  1. Almost there now!!!
    The Disney marathon weekend gives me inspiration because at this time of year abouts in the past few years I lost two grandparents (who lived in Florida) and a good friend. So I think of them while running.

    • I like that a lot. I too have a race where I reflect on loved ones when running it back home, called Around The Bay Road race. It’s a tough race where the last ten kms are super hilly. Just when I’m having a tough time of it, I pass the cemetery of my grandparent’s final resting place. Some how, I feel as though they push me through to finish.

      Have a wonderful time during your races in WDW. May they bring fond memories (both new and old) in every step.

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