Getting Crafty for Walt Disney World Marathon – Part Deux

As mentioned in a previous blog, I had two more costumes to complete for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.  I’m almost there, so I can share with you the results.

During the 5k I will be going for a more unconventional runner look.  If there is any race I can put up with non-tech wear, it’s the 5k race due to it’s duration.   This year, both myself and my spouse will be running as pirates.  We’ve decided to wear these outfits at the Never Land 5k during the Tinker Bell weekend at Disneyland as well, as it’s a perfect fit for the race.  We have two different head pieces so perhaps we will trade them for each race.  Here’s the two different looks below.

As for the Half marathon, I decided to go with a Goofy inspired theme.

The costume consists of the following:
Orange running shirt (owned)
Black vest (made)
Goofy inspired head band (made)
Dark blue Sparkle skirt – not shown



The reason I don’t have a picture of the full outfit is because I have a dark blue Sparkle skirt currently on order that I’m hoping will arrive this week. According to the tracking, it is currently in Canadian customs being processed. The vest was made out of that cheaper mesh tech material. It’s not the best material but it’s light and wearable for one race. The head band was tech material again but a softer material. I sewed a black elastic around the band to simulate the real goofy hat.

And there you have it – Race costumes complete!

I can’t wait to see everyone on the race course!


11 thoughts on “Getting Crafty for Walt Disney World Marathon – Part Deux

    • I hear ya. I’d watch the weather forecast and then decide. The wig might get you over heated depending on your tolerance. I’ve never raced at Disney for any PRs as I’m too busy taking pics and video. Lol. Disney races are some of my worst times.

  1. Haha, funny stuff! I’ve been debating wearing costumes the 5k, 10k, and 13.1 to ensure I don’t “race” then, but rather have fun with them. Trying to save everything for the 26.2!

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