Getting Crafty for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

This Christmas I received this bad boy from my parents…

Sewing machine

Sewing machine

Now, what better way to spend Boxing Day, then to start preparing for the Walt Disney Marathon Weekend?

I’ve been planning in my head the costumes I want to wear for the Dopey Challenge. I still have two to go, and perhaps a few adjustments on the current two I am working on. Here’s a sneak peek into the two I have planned for the Minnie 10K, and the Marathon.

First up, Minnie Mouse. The Costume consists of the following :

Black Running Tights (owned)
Red and White Polka Dot Bondi Band (previously purchased from Niagara Marathon Expo)
Minnie Ears (previously purchased at Disneyland)
Black Shirt (previously owned)
Red Running Skirt (fabric purchased from Fabricland, and put together by me today)

Minnie Mouse 10K costume

Minnie Mouse 10K costume

Now, I’m really not a sewer, but I’m crafty! I managed to put this skirt together by using another running skirt to get basic measurements. Of course, it was more trial and error when sewing the garment. It’s not perfect, but it will definitely get me through a run. I may shorten it a bit more before the race.

The second costume will be a Dopey inspired one. Dopey consists of the following :

Black Running Tights (owned)
Green Running Skirt (previously purchased from Sparkle Skirts)
Green Champion Running Tee (previously purchased at Target on Sale for $5)
Dopey Hat (Fabric purchased at Fabricland-Sport Tech material)



What do you think? Will you be Running Walt Disney World in costume?


8 thoughts on “Getting Crafty for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

  1. I’m running the Princess Half in February. My mom is making my Sleeping Beauty costume because she’s super crafty like that. I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

    And I can’t wait to see you’re other outfits for the Dopey Challenge!

    • Sleeping Beauty, That’s awesome! It’s crazy how so many people dress up now. In the last few years, running in costume has really exploded at the Disney events. It’s so much fun seeing all the runners getting into the Disney Spirit.

  2. I love your costumes! There’s been talk around the house here about dressing up as Star Wars characters for the 10K, but I’ve never run in a costume. Maybe if I try it, I’ll like it, though!

    • You definitely must try it. I prefer to keep it as simple as I can and tie it into appropriate running gear. I made the mistake of carrying a Tinkerbell wand for 13.1 miles. Won’t do that again for a long race. I’ve seen some great Star Wars running costumes for Leia and Solo. Check The Googles for some inspiration! I’m sure you could tie your space skirt into something worthy of a Jedi!

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