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As a small independent online business, it can be a challenge to bring awareness to a product.  Of course, small businesses don’t have a gazillion dollars to advertise on a large scale.  As a result, if a business can’t get their name out, potential customers won’t know they exist to even begin looking for them.

Urban Running Girl has been extremely fortunate.  In regards to receiving additional blog and media exposure, the month of November has been AMAZING for Urban Running Girl. There have been two outstanding blog reviews from JillWillRun and The RUNiverse.  As well, the editorial content from Get Out There magazine and iRun has been fantastic.  I am most grateful for all the support, not only from the bloggers and the media, but from everyone who has taken a moment out of their busy day to read or comment on any of those blogs or magazines.  As well, those who have commented on URG’s blog, FB page, Tweeted or sent us a private email.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  Your support has been awesome and I truly appreciate it.

As November comes to a close, there is one last blog review from Push.Pump.Progress. Push.Pump.Progress is our first Canadian blogger to review Urban Running Girl and the response has been wonderful.

I’ve copied most of the review below, however, the full blog can be read here.

MONDAY, 26 NOVEMBER 2012 – Blog Review from Push.Pump.Progress

Urban Running Girl Review & GIVEAWAY!!!
Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all having a great start to your week and that you are all getting ready to participate in this weeks Frosty Fitness Challenge! As if you needed an excuse to work on your push up skills!

Since I just got engaged and since it is the Christmas season (a definite time for giving!) I thought it would be a great time to do another review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Last month a stumbled upon a local Toronto based company called Urban Running Girl. Urban Running Girl makes running shrugs…. yes that’s right RUNNING SHRUGS! I was very intrigued by this product so I contact the owner Deb to get more information. These shrugs are designed for active women! “The idea of a running shrug came about from the need to keep warm while warming up during an early morning run, particularly in the spring and fall. It’s too cool to start with only a tank top or t-shirt, but once warmed up and/or the outside temperature rises, it’s too warm for a long sleeve shirt or jacket.” How many of you have faced that problem when out for a run?? I know that I have on several occasions!

Wearing a jacket or long sleeve shirt over a tank top when running can be very frustrating. For example you start to over heat but don’t want to stop to take your jacket or top off, jackets and tops tied around your waste can really weigh you down, zippers and Velcro can chafe, and if you over heat during a race you have to re-pin your bib if you take off your top layer! Now all of those problems have been solved with this unique little shrug!

These shrugs come in a variety of colours: purple, black, pink, orange and turquoise. Deb sent me the turqouise running shrug and I love it! The shrugs are made of tech material that wicks sweat away quickly, it also has fold over cuffs that you can use

to cover your hands on cooler days. What I REALLY like about Urban Running Girls is that the shrugs are all designed and made in Canada!!!! I am all about supporting Canadian made products!


One thought on “Thank You

  1. Congratulations on such a great month! Business is hard, so hats off to you for pursuing it.

    And you have such a great product! It’s not an option for my newly-wed, husband in grad school, families both out of state, holidays in full swing self…. but I have followed you and bookmarked!

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