Jillwillrun reviews Urban Running Girl

Jill at Jillwillrun did a review of the Urban Running Girl shrug.  I’ve reposted the full text review here, however her site review looks so much better with pics! (a sample screenshot of part of the review is below)  Check out her site!  Jill has a ton of great information on running and product reviews as her blog goes back as 2008 when she ran her first marathon.  She’s also a certified running coach with the RRCA and coached 4 seasons with Team Challenge


Shrug if you want to stay warm

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Review of: Urban Running Girl Shrug
Reviewed by: Jill

Awesome option to keep your arms warm on slightly chilly days or at the start of races. You can tie it around your waist without adding a lot of bulk. Made out of soft material that washes well and even includes a way to cover your hands for warmth.

More Details
I was initially unsure about the concept of the Urban Running Girl shrug. On one hand, it seemed like a potentially smart idea but on the other it seemed like a potentially strange idea. It wasn’t until I tried it that I truly saw the beauty of this product!

The Urban Running Girl shrug is basically a shirt… without most of the shirt! It covers the arms and shoulders, making it lightweight and easy to remove when you no longer need that layer. Plus, unlike arm warmers where you have to find somewhere to stash them once you’re done with them, this can tie around your waist without nearly the bulk that a jacket adds. This is perfect for cool morning runs (I live in Las Vegas, this could even be used for winter running!) and it’s a perfect option for races with cool starts. You can wear a tank or singlet and top it off with the shrug to stay warm. Your race number will stay expose while you stay warm until it’s time to remove the shrug.

It has handy little pockets at the end of the sleeves.

No, these pockets aren’t for storing stuff, they’re to tuck your hands into when you’re shivering in the starting corral or just need to keep your paws covered for a little while.

The shrug is a nice soft material and it washes up beautifully. On the back the website for UrbanRunningGirl.ca is featured… so others will know where to get one after they are jealous of your shrug!

You can use this for more than just running though. You could stuff it in your bag and pull it on in cold movie theaters (Does every place keep their movie theaters sub-zero? Vegas ones are cold!) You could slip it on over a t-shirt while working in the yard or just sitting in your office. (That’s been tested… it worked well!) I’m a fan, I think this is a smart design!

The business is based out of Canada and you can order from them online. Orders can be shipped to the US and Canada.


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