Urban Running Girl Review (and a surprise for our readers)

Alissa over at the RUNIVERSE posted a blog review of Urban Running Girl.  I’ve copied and pasted most of her review here, but there’s a special surprise if you click on the RUNIVERSE blog.  Check it out! 🙂

Urban Running Girl Shrug

Alissa | November 8, 2012

Running Shrug

Would you wear a shrug while running? After trying one, I am a believer! Image via urbanrunninggirl.ca

Not too long ago when we were contacted about reviewing a running shrug, my initial reaction was… huh? A shrug for running? I guess I’ve always seen shrugs as a fashion accessory, not a functional piece of clothing.  Why would I want to wear a shrug while running?

Upon reviewing the Urban Running Girl website, I began to understand just how functional a shrug can be for us runners. Let me elaborate…

I’ll start with this picture:

Nike Women's Marathon

Nike Women’s Marathon 2008

This was taken a few years ago when I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon with Team in Training. The race started near dawn on a cold, foggy October day in San Francisco. We had trained through the heat of the summer in the desert and starting the race in only our TNT singlets was out of the question. We wore throw-away shirts instead knowing that over the course of 26.2 miles we would warm up.

Unfortunately before we were warm, we encountered several of the official race photographers. Not wanting to miss out on our photos, and still wanting to show our TNT pride, we ended up with lots of pictures of  us “flashing” our TNT singlets to the cameras.

All this could have been avoided with an Urban Running Girl shrug! That’s because a shrug only covers your arms and your shoulders, leaving your race number visible to photographers.

Besides the race number issue, a shrug is also nice if you are wearing a shirt you want to show off (perhaps if you are running with a charity, group or team). Shrugs allow you to stay a little warmer and still show your team spirit. And when you are ready to take it off, it easily ties around the waist without all that extra fabric flapping in the wind.

Urban Running Girl Shrug

Post run this morning in my Urban Running Girl Shrug.

I used the size chart on Urban Running Girl’s website to determine what size to order. When the shrug came I was impressed that it fit perfectly. I wore the shug over a running tank on this morning’s early run and found it to be extremely comfortable. It was about 60 degrees and mostly dark when I set off around 6 am. (Did I mention I love this time of year here in Phoenix?) About 3 miles in, my body was warm and sweaty so I yanked off the shrug and tied it around my waist. I hardly noticed it after that.

The fabric is soft and silky, the cut is comfortable, and the little cuffs to keep the hands warm are a nice touch. Overall, I have nothing but praise for this product.


One thought on “Urban Running Girl Review (and a surprise for our readers)

  1. Hey, great article about your shrug ! I am so looking forward to getting mine (and I am so happy I chose purple… although I think my future will include another colour !)

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