Gorgeous Monday

What a beautiful Fall day!  The weather forecast was predicting some wonderful temperatures so I went out to enjoy a leisurely run today.  I say ‘leisurely’ as I decided to take some pics to share on this blog as the Fall colours were out to enjoy, so it was more of a run, walk, stop to take pictures type of excursion.

I am fortunate to live just steps away from a park called Taylor Creek.  I do most of my running through this park.  I definitely prefer nature over the concrete jungle.  It’s definitely my ‘happy place’ to enjoy a run, walk or occasional bike ride.  It leads into other running/bike paths, so I can definitely run for miles without the bother of cars or traffic lights.  It’s great for my lsds.

Where is your ‘Happy Place’ to run?


12 thoughts on “Gorgeous Monday

  1. Beautiful! I’ve been doing the same thing. I stopped several times during last week’s long run to take pictures of the leaves. They come and go so fast that I had to take advantage.

  2. Wow so lucky you have such a lovely place to run! Where I live doesn’t really compare but I do have my ‘happy places’ and in the morning when the sun is low, it just makes you smile!

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