Scotiabank Toronto Marathon weekend recap

It’s been a very busy few days at the Scotiabank Marathon Expo and Race event.

Firstly, I’d like to personally thank everyone who came by to our expo booth.  I heard some wonderful comments from people who viewed and bought our shrugs.  It definitely made my day hearing these positive remarks.

Some of the remarks I heard at the expo (paraphrasing of course) :

“What a great idea!” (heard this many, many times)

“They are so cute”

“I could definite wear this for dance class as well as running”

“Perfect for my yoga class”

“This was my idea!”

“Love it!  Do you need help with your company?”

“Excellent!  I totally hate to wrap my coat around my waist when I get too warm.  This definitely does the trick”

“Great colours!  I just don’t know which one to pick!” (she opted for blue I think)

“Really like the material”

“I can use this for cycling too!”

“I don’t get it….oh wait, I GET IT!  That’s a GREAT idea”

And many more!

We definitely built awareness of the shrug as we also had a postcard printed with information about the shrug to highlight it’s use for running and other activities.  As a new company, I really thought this was a key piece to be able to distribute and many people asked for our online information, so I was glad we had it to supply.

The Scotiabank marathon was a wet one to start.  Unfortunately, it rained for the participants, however, luckily it let up during the race.  I was fortunate to be able to snap a pic of someone who opted to wear her shrug on the race course. (blue on the right hand side)  Congratulations to this participant!  Way to go!

I hope everyone who ran today had an awesome race experience.  As well, thanks to all the volunteers who tirelessly worked over the weekend to bring Toronto a world class event.  Well done!


6 thoughts on “Scotiabank Toronto Marathon weekend recap

  1. Did you see the Brooks Running Carb Loading expo booth at the marathon? It’s so cool! It’s shaped like a giant pasta bowl. If you missed it, google it. It’s awesome.

    And of course, glad to hear everything went well for you at your booth!

    • How could I have missed it? Yes I did see the giant pasta bowl. Fun! Hope you had a good time at the expo. I didn’t have a ton of time to explore but I did manage to walk around a few times. Seemed like there were a lot of great products and booths there.

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