Keep on Movin’, Don’t Stop…

Soul II Soul’s, Keep on Movin’ lyrics keep playing in my head!  Wow!  Can’t believe it’s October already!  Urban Running Girl has been super busy the last couple of weeks, finalizing plans for our first race expo booth at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in Toronto on October 12th & 13th.  This will be the first time URG will be able to connect with runners on a face-to-face basis.  URG is beyond excited to finally be able to do this.  If you are attending the race expo, please come by our booth, try our product, and of course, say ‘hello’ as we’d love to talk to you!

Urban Running Girl’s logo has also been completed.  Let us know what you think!  The thought behind the logo was to capture the essence of an urban setting, but more importantly, highlight the shrug as it is the core of the company.


As always, we hope everyone is keeping well, training hard, and staying injury free!

….Keep on Movin’

Happy Running!


14 thoughts on “Keep on Movin’, Don’t Stop…

  1. Oh wow, I love that song! And its partner “Back to Life”. Thanks for the reminder- going to add them to my marathon playlist!

    Really cool logo, love it. And I, like the others, wish you well at the expo! I’m sure it will be awesome. Keep on moving, don’t stop! 🙂

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