Zombies run too!

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been sleeping under a rock.  I see something in the news, or posted on facebook and I say to myself, “Whaaaattttt?  How intriguing, fun, crazy, and full of lunacy!”

Today was one of those days!

I saw this on Facebook :

Run For Your Lives 5K

A Zombie 5K obstacle course complete with Zombies chasing after runners.  If you are a zombie fan and a runner, who could ask for anything more?  (one exception: Jill, she could ask for Zombies running in Jeans as *more!) 🙂

If it wasn’t for the obstacle course portion, perhaps many runners would PB!  😉

According to the website, there are races all over in the U.S. and the one in Toronto.  If you are interested in something a little different that a 5K race, check it out!

I love the concept of this race.  Just looks like a good time all round.  I wish I could attend, however, I’m heading to NYC this weekend.  I’ve been promised a run in Central park is on the agenda.  Woot!

*So sorry Jill.  Yet again, I couldn’t resist throwing your name in there.  Comedy dictates, things are funnier in 3’s…..hmm! 😉


15 thoughts on “Zombies run too!

    • Can’t wait. Last minute trip as someone cancelled in a friend’s group. I’m taking her place. If you have any good shopping stores (good deals), please let me know. We were there last June, but didn’t do a lot of shopping. Mostly tourist stuff. We are staying in Manhattan.

  1. I live in NYC (Brooklyn) and the weather SUCKS right now- tornado warnings, etc. I hope that when you visit you bring nice Fall weather with you! Haha. Also, I MUST do the Zombie run! Sounds so creepy and fun!

    • They are calling for a bit of rain, so I’ll have to see how the weather progresses through the week. Yes, the Zombie run looks like a blast. I love this Q&A from the website…Question – “How do I train for the race” Answer – “Run. Watch Zombie movies. Run some more”. Also, Survivors of the race get a Survivor medal. Runners who die, get a Dead medal.

    • Yes, I have heard of the Colour Run…through blog race reports and yes, it also looks very fun. I don’t think it’s in my area…not yet anyways! 🙂 It’s really great that these races are coming out in various places. It just makes for a fun day. Not a race day…just a fun, playful day to enjoy.

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