Olympic dreams

It’s coming!  The Olympics will soon begin, and I, like many other people will hibernate in my home, glued to the TV to watch what very few men and women achieve in their life; the Olympic Dream!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been a fan of the Olympics.  I viewed in admiration of the athlete’s triumphs and defeats.  Of course, every athlete wants to excel in his or her sport, but sometimes things don’t quite work out how they had planned.  How they handle themselves under unprecedented circumstances is what makes a true athlete.  When I think about Derek Redmond in 1992, during the 400m sprint I get goose bumps.  He was in it to win it, and in one split second, his hamstring snapped, crushing his Olympics dreams.  He could have stopped and be escorted off the track by medics.  Instead, he got up and continued his journey to the finish line.  His father, racing to his side to assist him, and the crowd going wild for his dedication and courage; to me, Redmond is a true Olympic champion.

It’s these moments at the Olympics; we see an athlete’s heart on their sleeve.  As a spectator, I am there, experiencing their ups and downs.  As with athletes, I am reminded during this time, that people have it in them to do great things, despite the obstacles in front of them.  It’s not just about winning the race.  It’s how we handle ourselves before, during and after it has ended.  Derek Redmond, is indeed, a true Olympic champion.


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